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Supporting people with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia since 1969

Living with dyslexia

Stories from people living with dyslexia. If you  have a story you would like to share email sandyr@speld-sa.org.au.

The following piece was written in March 2006. The voice activation technology that the writer used to write his piece is called Dragon Naturally Speaking, the version we recomend in late 2010 is premium 11 and is available through the SPELD SA shop. It is useful to gain advice before getting the product, as it does not work for all students. There are specific ways of approaching the training that will make the program more successful for students with specific learning difficulties.

Student Testimonial

Douglas Smith: This is only a representation of what happened nearly every day at school, a writing task. I cannot describe the feeling as the teacher sets the task, but it is somewhere between mental exhaustion and fear. As I languish behind the others this feeling intensifies, until it is finally released at the end of the work.

It takes me so long to write that by the time I have started the class is finished. The actual task of writing is extremely difficult and frustrating. The frustration was like a bank of thick black cloud blocking out the light of inspiration.

When the work has ended I try keeping it from the other children’s eyes. But the most frustrating part of the whole experience is the false praise. I know the teachers mean well but it does not help.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, this is voice activation. This is how I have written my piece of work.

Douglas Smith Aged: 14

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2 Responses to “Living with dyslexia”

  1. Sandra marshall said

    A lovely surprise!
    Thanks for sharing Anthea, and thanks for supporting our kids with dyslexia. I know they think very highly of you as a teacher. Keep up the great work:-)

  2. […] Link to blog post 3: https://speldsa.wordpress.com/living-with-dyslexia/ […]

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