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Spelling City – Jolly Grammar spelling lists

Posted by speldsa on February 4, 2015

Jan Polkinghorne has updated her Jolly Grammar spelling lists in Spelling City. The following information gives you easy access to the lists so that your students can practice their spelling at home and/or school.

Spelling City has recently changed the way you search for lists.  The easiest way to now get to Jolly Grammar lists is use the URL below.

Spelling City www.spellingcity is a great free way for students to work on their spelling words at home or at school.

Spelling lists for of Jolly Grammar 1- 5 been created. URLs below.







Just give students or parents the URL for their child’s Jolly Grammar level and provide them with the number of the list each week.  There are some advantages to parents to register at Spelling City.  It is free and takes very little time.

Spelling City does not stop at just teaching spelling.  Check out the free vocab and grammar games at http://www.vocabulary.co.il/ .

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