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WordQ app

Posted by speldsa on September 9, 2012

For those who ask me if you can get Word Q 3 for the iPad, you will be excited to know that they released an in September.

The version you will need for UK English is the iwordq UK, it can be downloaded here https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iwordq-uk/id561048461?mt=8. The current price is $24.99.

I have had a play and it is easy to use.  Unlike the PC and Mac versions you can only use it within the iWordQ’s word processor, but it is a great tool for the iPad and I believe it is going to be a very useful and popular app. There are some lovely new features to explore in the settings of the reading tab and the writing tab. It won’t replace the usefulness of the PC and Mac versions, but it will make iPads more useful for students having writing difficulties.

If you download the app, please leave a comment about how you or your students find it’s use in everyday iPad writing activities.


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Posted by speldsa on September 3, 2012

Here is the start to a small collection of templates that help students plan their work.

6 box templates help students organise and collect data that can help them create good paragraphs. 6 box template provided in a docx file so that students can use it on a computer 6 box template in a PDF format that can be printed.

Simple mindmap template.  simple mindmap in a PDF format that can be printed.

Developing a paragraph. Developing a paragraph provided in a docx file so that students can use it on a computer.  Developing a paragraph in a PDF format that can be printed. Don’t forget to ask students to edit the Paragraph once it is written.

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