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Making the most of your Jolly Phonics Budget

Posted by speldsa on December 16, 2010

Making the most of your Jolly Phonics Budget

A list of resources in our recommended order of importance/value/usefulness

 1. The Phonics Handbook 

Jolly Phonics can be taught with just one resource: The Phonics Handbook.

It includes everything you need to know and/or photocopy to get the program up and running.

If the budget will stretch to visuals for the classroom, next on our list is

2.  The Wall frieze of 42 sounds







3. SPELD SA Letter Sound Booklets

 These are photocopiable materials that provide practice with the formation and sounding of each grapho-phoneme and additional opportunities to trace and copy the correct formation of the graphemes.

4. Flash Cards – of letter sounds and words

We recommend you make your own flash cards, using the words in the Word Boxes on pp 137-148 of the handbook, enlarging them to a suitable size and laminating them. 

Lists of words can also be taken from the Jolly Phonics Word Book.

 5.  SPELD SA Phonic Books

The Jolly Phonics program recommends the teaching of letter sounds and blending techniques before students are asked to read books for themselves. This approach helps children understand that there is a code to reading and that most words can be worked out.

The SPELD SA Phonic Books contain short texts to consolidate the learning of the sounds following the order used in Jolly Phonics. There are 57 texts available free on the SPELD SA website at speld-sa.org.au. We recommend creating, or purchasing, hard copies of the readers to give students the experience of holding a book in their hands, and reading the words without help as they turn the pages.


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