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Fx Toolbar

Posted by speldsa on November 2, 2010

The Fx Toolbar was created by the same software developer (FX Software) that has tools such as the Vu Bar (some of my clients are finding extremely useful), which are included in the Mystudybar ( previous post below).  There is a new website for this product http://www.fx-software.co.uk/assistive.htm Its worth looking at some of the other free assistive technology apps that are there e.g. you can download a standalone version of the Vu-Bar screen ruler that is included in the MyStudyBar Toolbar.

This tool was created to work in an add on tab in MS Word 2007 and is definelty worth a trial with your students. The Fx toolbar gives you options to highlight and collect parts of the text from one MS Word document into a new document, it will speak highlighted text, identify confusables(honomyns), change the case of the selected text and identify if your sentences are overly long. A must for anyone studying if they are using Word 2007. Give it a go and let us know if you like it. Please explicitly teach all students, not just those with learning difficulties how to use the toolbar.

Below is an example of the Fx Toolbar idenftifying confusables (in red) and long sentences (in blue) from a section of my daughter’s year 12 essay for art.

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