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Interactive Websites

Posted by speldsa on February 12, 2010

http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/interactive/literacy.html#3  Sites like this one have a great number of interactive games which can be used as class activitites if you have an IWB with web access, but don’t stop there.  They can be used as an additional activity when the class are doing group activities – have a small group on the IWB or use a laptop or computer in the back of the room.  They are also great for publishing via  a newsletter or a Jolly Phonics corner on the school website to enable students to play them at home for additional practise.   If you have found a great website post it here to share with others. Woodlands site is great because it has activities for all levels and abilities.  A brief comment next to the web address indicating level and focus is very helpful to those reading it.

One Response to “Interactive Websites”

  1. Joy said

    I use this website alot, another is http://www.coxhoe.com.uk – a great site too.

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