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Flash Cards

Posted by speldsa on February 12, 2010


Make your own flashcards. You choose the size, style, and words or letter sounds.  If you have a friendly printer nearby ask them for their card offcuts so you can paste the words onto card to make them more durable.  If you smile really sweetly at them they may even cut the board to size for you.  Don’t forget to cut off 1 corner ( usually top right) to make it quick and easy to get the words all up the right way/  Labelling them into sets with a code like S1 for set 1 also helps.  If you run a felt pen over the edge of 1 end of the card with a different colour for each set it also makes them very easy to sort. This is also a very easy way to get sets of words for card games as well if you print them in a smaller size.

Make your own flashcards

Click on the picture to see full view.

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