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Interactive Websites

Posted by speldsa on February 12, 2010

http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/interactive/literacy.html#3  Sites like this one have a great number of interactive games which can be used as class activitites if you have an IWB with web access, but don’t stop there.  They can be used as an additional activity when the class are doing group activities – have a small group on the IWB or use a laptop or computer in the back of the room.  They are also great for publishing via  a newsletter or a Jolly Phonics corner on the school website to enable students to play them at home for additional practise.   If you have found a great website post it here to share with others. Woodlands site is great because it has activities for all levels and abilities.  A brief comment next to the web address indicating level and focus is very helpful to those reading it.


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Flash Cards

Posted by speldsa on February 12, 2010


Make your own flashcards. You choose the size, style, and words or letter sounds.  If you have a friendly printer nearby ask them for their card offcuts so you can paste the words onto card to make them more durable.  If you smile really sweetly at them they may even cut the board to size for you.  Don’t forget to cut off 1 corner ( usually top right) to make it quick and easy to get the words all up the right way/  Labelling them into sets with a code like S1 for set 1 also helps.  If you run a felt pen over the edge of 1 end of the card with a different colour for each set it also makes them very easy to sort. This is also a very easy way to get sets of words for card games as well if you print them in a smaller size.

Make your own flashcards

Click on the picture to see full view.

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The Importance of Constant Revision for Jolly Phonics

Posted by speldsa on February 12, 2010

Letter sound revision activities

As the new letter sounds are introduced children need to constantly revise all sounds they have learnt thus far.  This needs to be done by a mixture of flashcard drill ( cardbord flash cards, Power Point flash cards, IWB flashcards), table games, worksheets and physically active games like sound rounders.  These activities need to be short, varied and fun.  Often the best ones are those that take the least preparation.  Keep your eye on this site over the next few weeks and we will post some new games and websites to help you achieve this end.

It would be great if you can add some comments and share activities that work in your room  or websites you find helpful.  The more everyone shares the less work we all have to do.

 Running to the correct letter: pin up some large letter sounds in the corners of the hall. Call out one of the sounds and get the children to run to the correct corner.

Letter circles: draw letters inside circles on the playground and call out the sounds. Each child has to try and get into the correct circle before the others! At playtime, the children will often make up their own little activities, using these letter circles.

Creative letters: get the children to paint the letters, or make the letters from plasticine or dough.

Fishing for letters: write letters on fish-shaped pieces of cardboard, pin a paperclip to each one and make a fishing rod with a magnet on the end. The children take it in turns to fish for a letter and then say its sound. The fish is kept if the sound is correctly identified. At the end of the game, the fishes are counted and the child with the most fish is the winner. Alternatively, children can play a similar game on the Jolly Phonics CD-ROM.

Sound Box: write the known letters on separate pieces of paper and place them in a box. The children pair up taking it in turns to pick out letters and say the sounds.

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