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Update MS Word Talk

Posted by speldsa on June 10, 2009

FREE assistive software update!

MS Word talk 2009

MS Word talk 2009

A new version of MS Word talk was released early 2009.

This version has many new features and some that have been redeveloped.

You only need to install the one file that can be downloaded from http://www.wordtalk.org.uk/Home/

If you have an earlier version of MS Word Talk, please uninstall it through control panel/add remove programs, along with the configuration file that will be in the same list, before loading the new program.

New features include:
• a talking spellchecker on right click of word
• speech feedback by clicking on a word
• turning text into a spoken wav or mp3 file
• echo words (the word is spoken once you press the spacebar)
• echo sentences (the sentence is spoken with highlighting when the fullstop is added)
• clicking on a correctly spelt word to get a list of synonyms
• replacing synonyms with a click

SPELD SA Software Advisory team recommends that all schools update to this new version.


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Timesaver tip – Be specific when you Google worksheets

Posted by speldsa on June 10, 2009

Don’t waste time creating new worksheets, there are plenty on the internet for free. They can easily be adapted for your needs and used on interactive whiteboards.

Google search will be much more effective if you are very precise in your search. (e.g. if you need a work sheet for the sound ‘sh” use the search term free worksheet+ sh

A great site to get you started http://www.primaryresources.co.uk/

Feel free to share websites you have found useful for teaching Jolly phonics in your comments to this post.

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